Dear Colleagues worldwide

We want to celebrate with you our World Theatre Day 2020

More than ever we want to believe in the strength of solidarity and exchange of spiritual energy to be manifested in artistic work, education, thinking and sharing with everyone.
We want to believe that the extraordinary mis-en-scene of our new world reality will open new insights, perspectives and visions about our future on this earth.
We want to believe that the Iron Curtains, which we now lower between countries, make us all aware of how wonderful the open stage is.

Let’s use the time for all the set changes and then pull up the curtain together!
With the best wishes from the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI
Dr Jurij Alschitz, Artistic Director
Christine Schmalor. Programme Director

We gladly share the Message for World Theatre Day 2020 by Shahid NADEEM, a playwright from Pakistan.

training exercise“Theatre Training in Hyperspace”. Kazan, Russia 10 – 12 June 2020. Theatre teachers will meet under the motto Assuming the future is shaping the future to explore the new demands in the educative process. How do we imagine the future of teaching? How does the digital mindset affect the process of acting, stage presence, dramaturgy, and methodological tools for artistic development? read more

Take the opportunity to come along to Modena in Italy and spend five days – from 20th to 25th of October 2019 – to experience the idea behind the new programme ALthattheatre. Find a way to the spherical theatre. Find the way to YOUR theatre! Find the way to your theatre education! More

Wednesday 28.11.2018 at 19:30

Performance by Apostolos Apostolides

THE LAST ACTOR, an existence which touches upon issues such as the Theatre, Art, the Artist, Man, Life, Metaphysics, the Truth, Love, Inspiration, the Divine, the Beautiful, the Pure, the “Being”. A unique approach by Apostolos Apostolides, in the writing and composition of different texts, deriving from the study of the works of various dramatists, artists and philosophers.

Apostolos Apostolides (Cyprus) is a theatre pedagogue, researcher, director and actor playing, teaching and leading festivals worldwide.


Freitag 30.11.2018 at 19:30

Experimental collage with texts by Sei Shōnagon and Sapho performed by Agne Nemanyte
„These two women, from two very different ancient worlds inspired me with their charm, extraordinary attention to detail, passion and dedication to artistic expression…“

Agne Nemanyte (Litauen/UK) lives as a nomadic stage artist to become a part of creative community which dedicated its life to the split second of pure joy.


Performance afterDostoevsky by Dimitris Tsiamis
(Greek with English surtitles)

Alexei Kirilov envisions the new Man, a man happy and so proud that it makes no difference for him to live or not to live. He envisions the man who will beat Pain and Fear and will be God himself. The performance God Kirilov is a hymn to freedom. It reveals the thinking of a free spirit who seeks redemption from the fear of death through his own virtual model, the one of the “Man-God”.

Dimitris Tsiamis  (Greece) is director, actor, and member of the Team of Teachers of the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT;  founder of Per-Theater-Formance Company in Athen.

Location: Studio of the World Theatre Training Instituts AKT-ZENT, Skalitzer Str.97, Berlin

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