Online Theatre Academy

The World Theatre Training Institute has been investigating and testing the potential of online and hybrid theatre training for acting, directing and teaching for many years, hereby obtaining a worldwide leading position concerning new teaching methods.

Since October 2020, we welcome students on the new portal:

The Online Theatre Academy is a joint project of the Institute’s Team of Teachers. Together with the artistic director Dr Jurij Alschitz, his master students – teachers at academies and directors of theatre ensembles Dr Olga Lapina/Denmark-Lithuania, Riccardo Palmieri /Italy, Christine Schmalor /Germany and Dimitris Tsiamis /Greece have developed a wide range of courses in different formats, offered in three departments:




All topics and teaching subjects seek an experimental and innovative approach to creative theatre practice. They reflect the latest findings and research of Jurij Alschitz and each member of the team. Each course is a unique creation, never repeated in the same way, but continuously evolving, because each course is an artistic encounter with the students, as co-creators of new ideas.

For the 2022-2023 season, Jurij Alschitz proposes a long-term qualification programme: Quantum Training for Theatre, which bridges the gap between the natural sciences and the arts – in artistic practice and training.