The World Theatre Training Institute’s main activity is to create new ideas and formats of theatre training and put them into practice as pilot projects with the intension to see them implemented and further developed in any context.

The World Theatre Training Institute invites festival organisers, universities, academies or any institutions providing theatre studies and training to consider our available courses and programmes. These innovative projects expand the institute’s scope of influence around the globe by sharing the latest advanced methods of theatre training.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in any of our offers. It would be our pleasure to collaborate with you to share and implement the product of years of research.

Teaching Professional Theatre Practice

as International Master Course
as MA programme

This postgraduate programme aims to train theatre teachers according to a unique methodology and pedagogy thought out by Dr Jurij Alschitz. The MA curriculum was developed by Christine Schmalor.

Alternative courses for theatre training

Interested institutions may book a course to complement their own course of studies; theatre ensembles may benefit from a specific preparation for their next production. The programme’s intention is to allow its courses to be tailored according to your suggestions.

Hybrid Theatre Training

Research centres are invited to partake in the investigation of a new field of theatre training methodology.