9 – 12 May from 10-13:00


Training as Method

Dr Jurij Alschitz invites Drama Teachers, Theatre Pedagogues, Directors to discover a comprehensive methodology for teaching and production.

Training as Method is a concrete proposal for teaching practice through the tool of Exercises. Participants will not only receive a wide variety of exercises, they will learn how to create their own system and how to create own exercises.

Training as Method contributes to the liberation of the creative forces of the teacher and his students, the director and his actors – it is a field of freedom.

The basic idea – to train the artist first – will be at the heart of the programme.



Session One: 29 May – 2 June
Session Two: September
Session Three: November 2024



New programme

Nowhere else are the complex basics of the director’s craft taught in such a compact way and provided with the finesse of professional mastery.

School of Directing

Artistic Director Dr Jurij Alschitz

Get a director’s training in three steps in a 6-month-online-course.

This unique programme is aimed at those who have decided to become directors, but also at all directors, theatre educators, actors and playwrights who already have experience in their profession but lack craft skills. It is aimed at those who want to learn important secrets of the profession.



Acting and Directing

20 July – 4 August 2024
Montecreto, Italy 

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XIV International Theatre Summer Academy

self-preparation – the secret to success

acting and directing courses
with Jurij Alschitz and his International Team of Teachers

♣ Summertime in Italy – hot days in cool mountains
♣ Off the beaten track – where the individualists meet
♣ Self-preparation: a subject that is not taught in any academy
♣ Get daily acting training together
♣ Workshops for acting, directing and teaching
♣ Experience International encounters of all ages
♣ We celebrate life as artists together!


Online Theatre Academy

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Online Courses for actors, directors and trainers

  • find new formats of learning
  • integrate learning into your daily work
  • discovered new topics for your own theatre practice
  • meet colleagues from all over the world

The online format cannot replace the rehearsal room, but it can enrich it with new impulses in a completely different way.

Hybrid formats allow online + offline participation

The Online Theatre Academy offers flexible and affordable ways to further your education without much effort. There are experimental courses to discover, in small groups and with individual coaching.