Quantum Training for Theatre

16 Oct 2022 – 26 March 2023

22 weekly online live meetings
with Dr Jurij Alschitz,
training units with Dr Olga Lapina and Christine Schmalor

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International Qualification programme for teachers, directors and actors

Quantum Training for Theatre is a programme of the Experimental School of Jurij Alschitz that aims at a fundamental innovation and re-evaluation of acting education.

Quantum pedagogy builds the bridge between natural sciences and art; it sees teaching as a creative act and teachers as artists.

Certificate of Advanced Training of the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT | Research Centre of the International Theatre Institute


Online Theatre Academy

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Autumn Programme 2022
Online Courses for actors, directors and trainers

It was the pandemic who was forcing all of us to think in new ways. Digitalization has arrived in theatre faster than we ever imagined. We could experience new formats of learning and the beauty of meeting colleagues from all over the world.

We learned to easily integrate learning into our daily professional life and explored new areas for your own theatre practice.

While we’re getting back on stage, we want to keep offering seminars in an online format.

The Online Theatre Academy offers flexible and affordable ways to continuously train yourself without much effort. Discover experimental courses in small groups which allow your individual development!