A Small Selection of Artistic Adventures

Travel to Yelez

This is a short documentary commissioned by the Italian theatre company ‘Arterie’ who organised this unique journey for the European Association for Theatre Culture. It is an informal record of a trip they took deep into the heart of Russia in January 2010. The venture was a personal contribution to the celebrations to commemorate the 150th birthday of the great Russian dramatist, Anton Chekhov in Yelez. Why there? This is the place where he sent the actress Nina Zarechnaja in The Seagull for her ‘engagement for the winter’ with the fourth class train.

Jurij Alschitz initiated this project and together with 100 actors, he travelled to Moscow. They then made an overnight train journey to the provincial town of Yelez where they worked closely for two days with the local Russian theatre company and left with some memories to cherish.

Christine Schmalor: Reise nach Jelez – das Nina-Projekt zum 150sten Geburtstag von Anton Pawlowitsch Tschechow

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Claudio Facchinelli: La figlia del generale. Un’indagine storica e un’ipotesi fantastica

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Dostoevsky White Nights

Berlin 2003, with Judith von Radetzky, Stefan Reck, Christine Schmalor; direction: Jurij Alschitz

For this production, the studio was entirely redesigned by the Italian painter Aldo Andreolo


Methodika 2007

“The Theatre of Centaur”. About 100 specialists from all over the world attended the IV. METHODIKA from 5th to 11th of November 2007 in Venice. The festival opens up new directions in the development of theatre training and the evolution of methodological approaches; spreads knowledge to theatre professionals and scientists; and finally creates a discussion about pedagogy in theatre schools, and in the theatre itself.