Training als Methode

Training as Method – laboratory for educators

An all-encompassing approach for training, rehearsal and your artistic life

9 – 12 May 2024 from 10-13:00 online
⇒ Masterclass with Jurij Alschitz

For our theatre education today, we need acting teachers who challenge the system, provoke it, but above all renew it constructively. For this we do not need new “systems”, but individual pedagogical and methodical thinking. Let us understand teaching and training as an Art. Teachers act as artists, constantly exploring new approaches and finding their own way of training actors to be artists.

Training as Method is a concrete proposal for teaching practice, with the aim of giving participants inspiration for new ways of teaching through the tool of Exercises. Above all, it is about the perception of one’s own profession: I create my own system through my own exercises.

Training as Method is one of the most effective tools of artistic communication. This is achieved through a specific language of exercises that is much more powerful than wordy explanations. With exercises you can build ensembles, convey ideas and create meaning on stage. Exercises are the most useful tool for working with international productions or with newly forming groups – not only as a means of communication, but above all to create the artistic language of an ensemble. 

However, exercises are much more than physical training. When Dr Jurij Alschitz developed Training as Method, he was referring to the idea of exercise in its whole and highest meaning.

Let us look at training / exercises as:

  • a method of teaching and studying
  • a method of analysis of the scene and the play
  • a way for actors to create a role and a way of acting
  • a way for directors of constructing a performance.

In the end, it leads to a higher understanding as a way of life. Exercise itself becomes a philosophy.

This laboratory addresses the different aspects. Each day can be considered as a long training session that closely links theory and practice. The focus will be on inventing exercises. This starts with turning seemingly simple tasks into complex processes. We will create a methodological framework that gives you the opportunity – and the security – to never again be without a suitable task. This opens the way to the “Art of Training” for you to become free and self-reliant as a teacher.

Note for educational institutions: You can book this lab as stage seminar for your staff. This way you can form a teacher ensemble and lay the foundation for team teaching as a method. We develop a tailor-made course programme according to the desired time frame.