Greta Amend   |  Germany
Maria Olga Athinaiou | Greece
Andrea Brunello | Italy
Luciano Colavero | Italy

“The resonance of Jurij’s ideas is very strong. I use many principles of his school not only when I teach acting, but also when I teach playwriting.”

Elena D’agnolo | Italy
Yngve Dahlberg  | Sweden

“There’s no way for me to describe how much Jurij has taught me as a director and actor – and still teaches and inspires me as I constantly return to have a dialogue with all my notes and his books.”

Christian Di Domenico |   Italy
Lara Franceschetti |  Italy
Johannes Gärtner |  Germany

“Ich zehre unendlich von den Stunden bei Euch und erwähne die Einflüsse nahezu in jeder Unterrichtsstunde!”

Markus  Herlyn   |  Germany
Alexander Kendzia  |  Germany
Maria Lindeman   |  Finland
Marilli Mastrantoni  |  Greece
Lara Mazzolini  |  Italy
Simona Medolago  |  Italy
Agne Nemanyte  |  Lithuania/UK
Steffen Neupert  |  Germany

Tausend Dank für viele Jahre inspirierender Impulse kreativen Schaffens. Vieles aus Eurem pädagogischen Kosmos hat meinen künstlerischen Genen Sauerstoff geschenkt und ist Bestandteil meiner Praxis in der ein oder anderen Form geworden.”

Sara Parziani |  Italy
Rossella Rapisarda  |  Italy
Stefan Reck  | Germany

“Meine Begegnung und die Arbeit mit Jurij Alschitz war für mich eines der herausforderndsten Erlebnisse – eine neue, unbekannte, mit die wichtigste Erfahrung als Schauspieler.”

Annabelle Rice  |  Sweden

ART is the fire in the heart of an artist, SCHOOL is the place were we discover how to handle this fire, and carry it in our hands for common enlightment. – The school of Jurij Alschitz reveiled this secret to me.”

Annika Strøhm   |   Norway|Italy
Naďa Uherová  |  Slovakia

“Jurij Alschitz – My best teacher ever!”

Camilla van der Meer Söderberg   |  Sweden
Judith von Radetzky  |   Germany
Fabrizio Visconti  |  Italy
Tancredi Volpert   |  Germany
Doina Weber  |  Germany

“Jurij Alschitz and his unique system of teaching and experimenting with theatre completely changed my life as an actress and a teacher to the positive. 
The discovery of self empowerment on an author’s level has been crucial and most encouraging. I am endlessly grateful for this experience!”
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