From the Institute’s bookshelf

Christine Schmalor Challenges of the Mind. Reader of the online conference about new dimensions in Theatre Training 2020 (EN)

Jurij Alschitz ⇒The Path to a Holistic Theatre   ITI/UNESCO Network conference 2018 (EN)

Jurij Alschitz ⇒Research project EXERCISE40.40 (EN)

Jurij Alschitz ⇒Forschungsprogramm EXERCISE40.40 (DE)

Jurij Alschitz  ⇒Manifesto: A new Face of the Acting Teacher   (EN)

Jurij Alschitz   ⇒The Mirror of Mutual Reflection   (EN)

Sergei A. Issaev  ⇒Der schöpferische Prozeß in der Bewußtlosigkeit    (DE)

Report ⇒Energy and Theatre_Methodika_2001    (EN)

Report The Face and the Mask of the Actor Methodika 2003     (EN)