Siamo lieti di informarvi che nel mese di MARZO 2023 partirà il modulo formativo Spirito Creativo valido per il conseguimento su esame di DIPLOMA NAZIONALE DI I° E II° LIVELLO IN EDUCATORE ALLA TEATRALITA’.

DESTINATARI: Tutte le figure Artistico-Educative, Socio- Culturali e di Aiuto. La spendibilità della figura professionale risulta elevata: essa può operare nei contesti teatrali, formativi, culturali, nelle scuole di ogni ordine e grado, nei contesti socio-educativi quali comunità, carceri o centri di accoglienza – in ambito sia privato si pubblico.

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The development of your monoperformance

Workshop and individual coaching
Christine Schmalor

Son 06 Feb – SOLO 1 – Above all: my theme
Sun 20 Feb – SOLO 2 – The creative mind flow
Sun 06 March – SOLO 3 – Composition
always from 15:00 – 18:00

you can visit each session individually.


Team of Teachers' TalkTeam of Teachers’ Talk: 13 February 2021 at 12:00
FREE EVENT – just join in time via ZOOMLINK

When and how is the actor initiated into the art of theatre? The team of teachers will discuss the idea behind the self-guided processes and share their practical approaches to stimulate and support actors who want to take their life in art in their hands.

Team of Teachers’ Talk: 16 January 2021 at 12:00
FREE EVENT – just join in time via ZOOMLINK

Most actors dream of the perfect ensemble to the same extent as they dream of boundless individual freedom as an artist. Are these dreams mutually exclusive or, perhaps, mutually dependent? What do we mean by “ensemble spirit”? How does it develop? What is the lifetime of an ensemble? And is there, inside the ensemble, the place for artistic individuality?

The Online Theatre Academy’s Team of Teachers discusses the challenge and beauty of this legendary theatrical concept and will wait for your questions, comments and ideas about this subject.

28. November at 12:00 Berlin time.
The team of teachers of the Online Theatre Academy have started a series of talks on questions of acting in times of transformation of stage practice. Students and experienced theatre professionals from all over the world are exchanging ideas. The next topic will be Actors on Fire. Transformations through Ritual and Improvisation.
The actor always stands between rules and freedom, control and surrender, repetition and change, ritual and improvisation. Are these contrasting notions irreconcilably opposed to each other, or are they mutually nurturing phenomena in acting practice? What is the principles of their dynamic relationship, which ignites the flames of actor’s creativity?

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