Kunst des Management

Practical seminars for theatre professionals and organisers with an international focus

A series of questions and contradictions concern many artists, small theatre groups undertaking their own productions as well as full-time producers.

The dual role as artist and organiser is often perceived as complicated and problematic, however in many respects it is not an obstacle but rather an advantage.

The seminars’ approach harmoniously combines theory with practice in the form of exercises and training. The aim is to grasp the basis for international project work, to strengthen self-confidence and to gain in persuasive power in order to launch own projects together with artistic freedom. In brief, the objective is to develop one’s own position of autonomy and authority.

Christine Schmalor, programme director of the World Theatre Training Institute draws from over twenty years of valuable experience with theatre work, teaching, project and programme development, as well as successful conception and implementation of extensive long-term projects supported by the EU. Ten years of presidency over the Theatre Education and Training Committee of the international Theatre institute have provided her with a full grasp of the intricacies of artistic cooperation in light of cultural diversity and intercultural communication.

Since 2017, this valuable experience has been passed on in various forms.

The Seminar programme is always tailored to the needs of interested parties.

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