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my theatre education

Jurij Alschitz proposes an entirely new way of training to become a theatre artist.
Instead of a multi-year education, you dedicate yourself for three months to the topic “My Theatre” exclusively. The first step is a six -weeks online preparation, followed by The 40 Days, a residential retreat at a selected place far from “civilisation” with an international team of teachers.

Quantum Pedagogy

The innovative approach allows you to open your potential in the shortest possible time. Based on the resonance theory, Jurij Alschitz developed a specific format to stimulate a change of mindset which opens your capacities to become a creator of knowledge instead of a consumer.

While traditional schools continue to offer their linear concept by teaching one subject after the next and ask you to memorize, ALthattheatre offers the quantum leap: You start your artistic life with a unique formation, which uses specific impulses at all levels – theoretical and practical. You will approach theatre in its totality.

The course’s aim is for you to unite with the Theatre and find it within you. Only after having truly felt and experienced the eternality of the Theatre it will  be possible for you as an actor to find your own voice and uniqueness within the theatrical sphere. Only on such a basis it makes sense to learn different acting methods and techniques later to continuously expand your possibilities of expression.

The Theatre of the Sphere

ALthattheatre reflects today’s reality in the hyperspace. It already became natural for us to link time, space and information in a nonlinear way. The use of hypertext opens up ways of thinking and acting that in their complexity are inherent to artists. We call it spherical thinking which leads you to the perception of the Theatre as a Whole, and you are part of it. You enter the non-hierarchical cosmos of theatre.

Homo Creativus

ALthattheatre will not teach you the knowledge, technique or specific skills to satisfy you – instead, it will challenge and provoke your desire for sureness. Just accept it – the teachers’ knowledge will never be your own. It cannot be handed over. It is an illusion. Knowledge gets birth in yourself. The teachers will support you. As a result you open a different kind of energy and change your mindset, when you start to educate yourself. This different approach and responsibility leads to a completely different status of your existence as person and as artists. You will learn – not to accumulate – but to create knowledge.

You will make the step from the homo sapiens to the homo creativus.

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