The Team of Teachers’ Talks

Dr Jurij Alschitz talks with his team Dr Olga Lapina and Christine Schmalor about the basics of quantum training for theatre.
It is about planning the first course of study aimed at teachers, directors and actors.
What can the quantum world mean for the art of acting? How can a quantum pedagogy renew the training system?
Initial reflections – we will search for the answers during the course.
⇒Quantum Training for Theatre
The Team of Teachers of the World Theatre Training Institute launched the Online Theatre Academy in 2020 and at the same time started a free lecture series on questions of acting in times of change in stage practice. Whether on stage, on the internet or on screen, actors are reinventing themselves every day. After a short time, the sharing of new aspects and ideas within the team has involved the online audience, encouraging students and experienced theatre professionals from all over the world to exchange ideas.

Here you can find the recordings of nine talks that took place in 2020 and 2021.

ALthattheatre – approaching the idea

Riccardo Palmieri  (Italy – IT)

Olga Lapina  (Lithuania, Denmark – EN)

Dimitris Tsiamis  (Greece – EN)