World Theatre Day 2020

Dear Colleagues worldwide

We want to celebrate with you our World Theatre Day 2020

More than ever we want to believe in the strength of solidarity and exchange of spiritual energy to be manifested in artistic work, education, thinking and sharing with everyone.
We want to believe that the extraordinary mis-en-scene of our new world reality will open new insights, perspectives and visions about our future on this earth.
We want to believe that the Iron Curtains, which we now lower between countries, make us all aware of how wonderful the open stage is.

Let’s use the time for all the set changes and then pull up the curtain together!
With the best wishes from the World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT/ITI
Dr Jurij Alschitz, Artistic Director
Christine Schmalor. Programme Director

We gladly share the Message for World Theatre Day 2020 by Shahid NADEEM, a playwright from Pakistan.