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Online Theatre Academy

The World Theatre Training Institute has been investigating and testing the potential of online and hybrid theatre training for acting, directing and teaching for many years, hereby obtaining a worldwide leading position concerning new teaching methods.


The rapid cultural development with regard to a digital global world has been calling for a change in the understanding of learning and teaching. In spring 2020, like a global tsunami, all conventional teaching scenarios were shut down within a very short time and, in most cases, the analogue teaching situation has been translated 1:1 into digital formats. With limited success. At the same time, the emergency situation turned into a creative explosion on the part of both teachers and students.

Parallel to this, digital hubs for remote collaborative training, virtual and augmented reality have been developed over the years. But what does this technology means for the performer? Conventional acting is out of place here. However, the biggest challenges of online training are not the technical issues, but the new skills needed for the performing arts in the digital age.


Starting in October 2020, teaching units for actors will be offered on various specific topics, all aiming to develop new capacities for self-education, opening new tools to discover changing performing realities and researching the notion of the homo creativus.

In the Online Theatre Academy we will apply new pedagogical methods, like Quantum Pedagogy, or other methods to transform information into the energy of living knowledge. Digitality as a cultural competence means for artists to work in new operating systems led by human beings.

The artistic director Dr Jurij Alschitz will open specific courses in directing and teaching theatre. It will be a new step in theatre education to accept the digital age and being able to actively create tasks and exercises for a new theatre generation.

The courses of various formats are developed by the international team of teachers of the World Theatre Training Institute: Dr. Olga Lapina/Denmark-Lithuania, Riccardo Palmieri /Italy, Christine Schmalor /Germany, Dimitris Tsiamis /Greece under the artistic direction of Dr Jurij Alschitz.

Every student of any age and experience is considered to be a co-creator of knowledge.


           Quantum Pedagogy              

         The Vertical of the Role                       45 Questions of one Role          

       Ritual Performance     

                               The Art to create Tasks                       The virtual Dialogue            

              The Art to get lost – digital storytelling           

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