Online Theatre Academy

The World Theatre Training Institute has been investigating and testing the potential of online and hybrid theatre training for acting, directing and teaching for many years, hereby obtaining a worldwide leading position concerning new teaching methods.

Since October 2020, the Online Theatre Academy  welcomes students on its own portal, the

⇒Добро пожаловать в Театральную онлайн-академию

The Online Theatre Academy is a joint project of the Institute’s Team of Teachers – Dr. Olga Lapina/Denmark-Lithuania, Riccardo Palmieri /Italy, Christine Schmalor /Germany, Dimitris Tsiamis /Greece – who will offer courses of various formats and experimental content in the TEAM OF TEACHERS’ DEPARTMENT.

In the SCHOOL OF JURIJ ALSCHITZ, the artistic director will apply new pedagogical methods, focussing on Quantum Pedagogy to transform information into the energy of living knowledge and Holistic Cognition to open up a different understanding of knowledge, embracing theatre as a whole.

The RUSSIAN DEPARTMENT is addressing the large Russian speaking theatre community who is interested in the Institute’s research.

The Online Theatre Academy consideres every student of any age and experience to be a co-creator of knowledge.