Jurij Alschitz
The Art of Dialogue


Methods for theatre practice

Translated from the Russian by Noah Birksted-Breen, edited by Christine Schmalor


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The Art of Dialogue is a journey of discovery for all theater practitioners

For Jurij Alschitz the actor’s profession is, first and foremost, an open system of communication in an endless dialogue with his character, with his partner, with the director, with the spectators, with the playwright and with the role – but at the end of this list we should also mention – the actor’s infinite dialogue with himself. When the actor himself is open to new experiences, then he knows how best to engage with other people and, they in turn, can open up to him. The opening up of another system, and of another view, allows the actor to learn something new and to go beyond the boundaries of his familiar knowledge of the world and himself. In Theatre, dialogue is the art of creation with others. To acquire this skill, you need not only personal talent, but also the skills and mastership of an Artist.

This is a methodological book about dialogue on stage, in which Jurij Alschitz has created a fundamental source book for all actors, directors and teachers, who wish to discover a new methodological system of dialogue and to learn about different theatrical principles. The Art of Dialogue helps us to reflect on our own experiences, making us more critically aware and open to new paths. In the book, Jurij Alschitz shares his extensive research on the “Spherical Dialogue”, which proposes actors a completely new way of analysing, rehearsing and acting dialogue.

The book concludes with a selection of forty five exercises that will stimulate every theatre practitioner to start re-examining their own dialogue on stage. It is the most valuable source book for every theatre teacher, director, and actor.

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Jurij Alschitz


Christine Schmalor


Translated from the Russian by Noah Birksted-Breen

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