International Festival

Nach dem verheerenden Feuer in und um Pescara 2021 und bei steigenden Corona-Zahlen haben wir gemeinsam beschlossen, die Methodika auf 2022 oder 2023 zu verschieben.

Das Training als Methode

International Festival for Theatre Training Methods

Oktober in Pescara, Italien

Der künstlerische Leiter M° Jurij Alschitz lädt Künstler – Lehrer, Schauspieler und Regisseur_innen ein

zu einer einzigartigen Gelegenheit, die ungewöhnlichsten Ideen für die Theaterausbildung und -praxis vorzustellen, zu diskutieren und gemeinsam weiter zu entwickeln. Die Struktur des Festivals wird den Teilnehmer_innen die Möglichkeit bieten, unrealisierte Ideen zu formulieren. In erster Linie wird METHODIKA den künstlerischen Aspekt des Unterrichtens hervorheben.

Das Programm:

  • Vormittag und früher Nachmittag: verschiedene partizipative Formate von Trainingsaktivitäten und Diskussionsrunden
  • Später Nachmittag: “the teacher’s stage” – Präsentation von eigenen Shows mit einer Dauer von bis zu 60 Minuten
  • Abend: Abendessen und Gespräche

Die Teilnahme am Festival ist kostenlos. Sie müssen sich lediglich mit einem kurzen CV bei der Festivalleitung bewerben und angeben, in welcher Form Sie teilnehmen möchten:

  1. Aktiv, indem Sie an den Trainings teilnehmen, ohne Ihr eigenes Training oder Ihre eigene Produktion zu präsentieren
  2. Aktiv, verbunden mit dem Wunsch, Ihr eigenes Training und/oder Ihre eigene Aufführung zu präsentieren*
  3. Als Zuhörer_in

*Die Festivalleitung benötigt Ihre detaillierte Beschreibung Ihres künstlerischen Trainings und/oder Ihrer Performance und wird kurz darauf die Auswahl der Trainings und Performances bekannt geben, die das Arbeitsprogramm bilden werden.

Bitte senden Sie so früh wie möglich Ihre Anmeldung/Bewerbung an

Kontakt: +39.0854310119 / +39.3334226744

Unterkunft und Anreise liegt in der Verantwortung der Teilnehmer_innen.

Die IX METHODIKA wird in diesem Jahr durch ⇒Istituto Italiano Pedagogia Teatrale und das ⇒Media Museum Pescara (Italien) ausgerichtet.

A note from the artistic director

Dear colleagues and friends,

Educating and training young people is one of the most creative, beautiful – and responsible things to do. To do it right – is an Art. Do you have a method for this? No? Welcome! The “perfect” method is the best way to age early. I think the times of the methods are over, they belong to another century. But – Training as Method means something different: using training as a path of creation, communication and education. How can we create and conduct trainings that inspire actors, students and teachers alike? How can we turn the time in the studio into an artistic experience? How can we combine methodological thinking with creative intuition?

I am sure, that every one of you already had a hundred of ideas, which you never have tried. Perhaps out of your modesty? Perhaps an uncertainty in yourself? Or simply, there was no way. Those of you who are facing the everyday routine of teaching know that the daily and the yearly repetition become dangerous for the creativity and one’s artistic mind. And suddenly we ask ourselves: where am I – still ahead of my students or already far behind them?

 I hope you agree with me, it is time to change something radically. Better to do and regret than not to do and then regret it all your life.

The festival METHODIKA is for those who are looking for new ways in the profession of acting, directing and, of course, of teaching. Theatrical people are in some way dreamers. Dreamers are often looked at as strange people proposing unrealistic plans, and for that reason they are often called “crazy”. It is unnecessary to say that exactly these people with “crazy” ideas are the visionary ones, who turn the pages of our culture, science, and who determine in many respects the face of our civilization.

How often ideas and dreams are immediately ridiculed; and out of such a fear they never have been told to someone. How sad and not fair it would be, if all these visions and innovative ideas would rest in a stand-by position until they finally wither and die. Even great teachers complain that they could not realize their pedagogical ideas. We blame the circumstances, but this is far from always true. Often we ourselves are not active enough, shy, cannot formulate a goal and hesitate to move towards it. Eventually, we surrender in front of the conservative views of our colleagues reconciled with the existing education system. In such cases, you need those who understand you, who share your views. You need like-minded people, friends, experienced teachers who, with their advice, will inspire you.

My dear friends, what will happen, if all these dreamers would meet in one moment at one place? Colleagues, who listen, to the creative enlargements of each other and create new ones together? Friends who help to enrich the first blink of an idea and bring it to life?

This is my dream to which I want to invite you. The IX METHODIKA festival in Pescara welcomes everyone considering him or herself a dreamer. There is no participation fee, you only bring your dreams, visions and ideas.